The face behind londontheatreadventures

Welcome to London Theatre Adventures


This blog was originally created in order to tell the story of a college student abroad experiencing all the different kinds of theatre the UK has to offer. It has developed into a fun, witty blog reviewing plays in the West End and beyond London to as far as Malaga, Spain and Dublin, Ireland!  Here you will discover musicals, fringe plays, Shakespeare, etc.

Also included are insightful interviews that delve into the lives of true Londoners studying theatre and working in the entertainment industry. There are also one or two quips about special attractions in London. As you read this blog, my hope is that you will get excited about theatre and be inspired to attend 1 or 100 plays/performances. As a certain English playwright wrote, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” I hope this blog will inspire all you to expand your “stage” and play the best performances you possibly can.

Happy Reading!

londontheatreadventures at the London Eye

Me on The London Eye

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