Camden Part III “Other People’s Weird is Our Normal”

“Other People’s Weird is Our Normal.” I have to say, with a title like that, I was very intrigued as to what I was getting myself into. And thus began my third and final tryst with the film festival that is the “Camden Fringe.”


            Although originally I thought I was walking into a play (I’ll admit it was recommended to me by a friend and I didn’t exactly do my homework) I quickly realized I had walked into a comedy show. My very first comedy show I might add. And, it had a wide variety of skits to offer! The first comic was Danny Steele, who had sets to do with topics such as Star Wars and Disneyland. Steele also made a comment about a recent interview he did with a reporter from Boston, MA, who, I am ashamed to say, apparently thought he was reporting on the “Camden FRIDGE.” Hopefully this blog will redeem Bostonians in the eyes of Mr. Steele. Steele’s set was filled with lots of different, and seemingly random themes, from getting rid of a girlfriend with excessive amounts of cheese, to a young Steele accidentally confusing tampons with air fresheners and putting them around the house in order to “tidy up,” to birds (as Steele states, “if birds were ticklish, they’d be absolutely fucked”—no idea why?).

The second comedian was Dan Raw, a gent from Northern Ireland with the accent to prove it. Now Dan’s set was pretty different from Steele’s in the fact that his was based on sex, violence, and more sex. There were northern Ireland car bomb jokes, and other jokes that always seemed to end with Raw pulling a cucumber out of his outfit (he also managed to hide a shampoo bottle in there, impressive). His finale was a XXX rated poem that he proceeded to recite to a poor volunteer in the front row, ironically named Rosalind (Shakespeare anyone??). While I’m not 100% sure what he actually said in the poem (I just got bits and pieces due to the accent), he seemed very excited to recite it, his eyes getting bigger and bigger and his voice getting louder and louder until the end.

A very interesting first-time experience for me. Especially since humor is said to be different in England than it is in the States. I found a lot of bits funny, but I think a few references definitely went over my head. One thing I will say, is that my fellow audience members absolutely adored the two comedians, so even when I couldn’t understand what they were saying, I found myself laughing in spite of myself.

Congrats to Danny Steele and Dan Raw for teaching this American a thing or two about stand-up on the other side of the Pond!




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