An interview with Camden Fringe Comedian: Danny Steele


A- Can you explain a little bit more about your background in acting and comedy?

I was a radio presenter for a few years and used comedy sketches in my radio shows; this then grew into a stand up routine, which I performed for a few years until I stopped in 2011. After this I moved into acting and retrained at Giles Foreman in Soho as well as intensive classes at the actors guild

A- Can you explain how you came to put together this show for the “Camden Fringe?”

Ex: How you picked your material, The process for putting the show together and getting it submitted into the festival, etc.

Honestly? I got drunk and put my name down. They asked me “What’s the title of your show?” So I came up with that. I then had to build a show around my past experiences. It was easy to pick a venue though…

A- How do you feel about the finished product?

I thought it’s ok, bit shabby around the edges but then it’s not meant to be a polished show

A- What’s next for you in the future?

More acting, I’d like to do stuff in LA, and I know I can do stand up but probably these will be my last shows for a while

Questions about stand-up:

A-What was it like for you when you first started doing stand-up comedy?

It was at an infamous comedy club in Greenwich, South London, it was Sunday evening… Everyone was drunk and I lasted about 40 seconds before getting booed off…somehow that made me want to come back to it…

A-What do you do when no one laughs?

It’s not a problem as you factor in moments of people not laughing… Even that can be turned into a joke – the mistake I used to make was thinking that every 10 seconds or so there has to be a laugh. Sometimes it’s the way you tell a story rather then the story itself that is funny. It doesn’t matter.

A- What’s your craziest experience either with acting or stand-up?

Coming on stage and then halfway through, a streaker (naked man) ran onto stage and started shouting at people.

Hey readers! Now, I have a friend at home who is currently trying her hand at stand-up comedy, and I thought, what a perfect opportunity for her to be able to ask Danny some questions! So, that being said, below you will find an extended interview with her questions and Danny’s responses.

How do you take a story that is funny, and then fine-tune it into a stand-up set?

Most stories can be turned or exaggerated slightly to find the funny moments. The key is to know when to stop tuning – think of moments you’ve had in your life, and then think about possible funny outcomes or experiences within them.

Confidence is key in stand-up, how do you find confidence in your new material/ how do you fake this confidence?

I usually play a vulnerable character anyway on stage so inversely I find confidence in this. You do have to go ‘outside’ of yourself a bit but tap into strong character elements you naturally have (like in acting)

How much of what you say is real vs. made up stories?

Hahahaha. My lips are sealed!

Thank you to Danny Steele for his time!

Talk soon readers!


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