Stroll Down the SouthBank…

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with theatre except to relay my bitter disappointment in my lack of planning ahead. It was a Friday and, as all of the students who studied abroad with me last semester know, Fridays (and Thursdays and Saturdays) are the best days to plan a trip to Borough Market. Borough Market is an AMAZING food market that had food stands boasting all kinds of delicacies and indulgencies (Is “indulgencies” a word? Now it is!).



Now my mission was to go to Borough Market for Linner (lunch/dinner, duh) and grab the meal I have been dreaming of since I left London in April; toasted cheese sandwich and mango cheesecake. Thank the Lord I am not lactose intolerant. Here are a couple of choice photos from Borough Market. It’s enough to make one hop on a plane. Trust me.

I also decided to walk off my dairy-heavy lunch by moseying around the South Bank and hitting up Shakespeare’s Globe and the National Theatre. Background story, my school is putting on the show “Midsummer night’s Dream” this year and I want a role in it. Only problem is, I’ve never seen it performed. This may hinder or help my pursuit of a role, but regardless I desperately wanted to see “Midsummer” at the Globe’s outdoor venue. No available tickets. I hate myself. National Theatre: same thing.  What’s a girl to do? Guess I’m going to have to camp out at the Globe till they give me what I want.

Wish me luck!


**some more photos below for your enjoyment!



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