Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.. The Musical


          My first 3 days back in London, and my schedule could not be busier! But of course I must make time for the theatre! My latest show is a musical based on a classic move (and ok…book too) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ever the avid fan of musicals, I was super excited to see this show! It was also in the Covent Garden area at Theatre Royal Drury Lane. I had to lean forward in these seats as well, but the make up of the theatre was more practical so I could see basically all of the theatre without being too uncomfortable.

            I have to say, I was a little underwhelmed by the music quality. While the musicians and singers were excellent, I found the songs themselves to be uninspiring. That is, until the traditional “Come with me…” song that Willy Wonka sings to Charlie at the end came on. That gave me goosebumps.          


            One warning. Do not go to this show hungry. You know, scratch that. Do not go to this show if you are on any kind of calorie counting eating program. The first half of the play made me literally run to the concession stand and buy whatever kind of overpriced chocolate I could find (they didn’t sell Wonka bars, can you believe it? I had to settle for Rolos).

            Great for kids and families and of course, kids at heart. There were just as many adults and teens in the room as children. And this show’s sets are so fantastically detailed and whimsical, you’ll think you’ve swapped your theatre ticket for a Golden one, and entered the real Wonka factory yourself. 

Chocoholics Rejoice!



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