The Cripple of Inishmaan


          What a way to start my stay in London! Last Monday I was walking around the Piccadilly Circus/Covent Garden area and I stumbled upon the Noel Coward Theatre. I had originally heard of this theatre even before I came to London last time because of it housing the upcoming show, “Henry V” that will star Jude Law. Unfortunately, that show is in November, so looks like I’ve struck out twice (anyone up for coming to London with me in November??). Anyway, I popped in to see if they had any interesting shows on, and what-do-you-know, Harry Potter’s own Daniel Radcliffe is presently starring in “The Cripple of Inishmaan.” I booked a decently priced ticket and eagerly anticipated the show.

Overall it was a really fun show; a lot of humor, some touching bits, and a lot of character conflict. The story is about a small town in Ireland (Inishmaan), and a cripple boy, dubbed “Cripple Billy” by the town inhabitants. Good ‘ol Daniel got to play the role of Cripple Billy, and I have to say his wide-open blue eyes certainly allowed him to portray great range and vulnerability. Even from the stage, I could clearly see those intense blue eyes, which was even more impressive since my “decently” priced tickets sported an extremely limited view (unless I wanted to wrap myself around the safety bar and practically lean over in half. Which I did. Obviously.).


            The show had a great supporting cast filled with lively characters from a crazy aunt, to a scrappy girl bully and her telescope-obsessed younger brother. Great dialogue, and, apart from a few questionably overdramatic scenes featuring dearest Cripple Billy, the show went by at a great pace. There was even a shout out to Boston!! Apparently we have specific candies that are more readily available then a town located in “God-knows-where” Ireland. Go us!

Definitely would recommend it! A straight play but very enjoyable!




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