Malaga Trip

So the reason I haven’t written in a while is that I have been on vacation in Malaga, Spain for a week! And let me tell you, it was absolutely fantastic. London is great but there is one thing that I rarely see here and it is called the SUN! Spain, having extremely sunny and pleasant weather, was a great change of pace. Something I came across in Spain that I thought you all might like is an old roman theatre named, “Centro De Interpretation Theatro Romano de Malaga.” It was beautiful and extremely old (older than the Globe for sure). The theatre was originally built in the time of the Roman emperor Augustus in the period of Roman Hispania. Over time it became buried under dirt and rubble, and remained hidden there for almost five centuries! It was then rediscovered in 1951, when a project to build gardens for the neighboring Centro de las Artes Ciudadanas (Citizens Arts Centre) uncovered the first archaeological clues. The construction of the gardens was abandoned, and instead excavations began. On September 15th 2011, 27 years after reconstruction began, El Teatro Romano reopened to the public. The amphitheatre is now open throughout the year for visitors and will hold summer performances. This theatre was beautiful and majestic. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. Till next time!




Information from article by Rebekah Thompson


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